Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our Delicious Tempeh Burgers, are available now

Some of the fine Grocery Stores that are selling Artie's Tempeh

Hitchcocks FoodWay, Alachua FL
Native Sun, Jacksonville FL
New Leaf, Tallahassee FL
Honey Tree, Tallahassee Fl
The Granary, Orange Park FL
Turtle Island Market, Atlantic Beach Fl
BioMax, Atlantic Beach, FL
Diane's Natural Foods, St Augustine, Fl
Blue Planet Organics, St Augustine, Fl
Health Foods Unlimited, Jacksonville Fl
Living Waters Health Foods, Ormond Beach Fl
Nature's Garden, Ormond Beach, FL
Peggy's Health Foods, Ormond Beach,FL
Michael's Health Foods, Daytona Beach Fl


Blogger pab said...

I just cooked up my first tempeh burger using your product. What a difference! Your tempeh is light and fluffy, tender and tasty. I'm going to make myself another tempeh burger today for lunch. I'm going to have to buy another batch of burgers soon.

7:13 AM  
Blogger hazy said...

Oh baby! I just had some of these and they are fabulous. The little ridges on one side help keep these things from sticking to the skillet. Send more to Native Sun because there's about to be a run on these!
Excellent product!!

1:34 PM  

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