Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bulk Tempeh for our Restaurant Customers

We sell Bulk Tempeh to our Restaurant Customers. The package is five 4# slabs, or 20#.
We are excited by the growing number of fine Restaurants that are featuring Arties's Tempeh.

This is what to look for at your Grocers

Arties Tempeh Burgers

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Higher Taste Vegetarian Cafe, Tallahassee Fl

Sometimes I know right away if a restaurant will be a good fit with my Tempeh products. Higher Taste Vegetarian Cafe in Tallahassee, FL is so good at what they do, that my high quality fresh organic Tempeh is right at home within their menu. Chef Ny, pictured here, is a disciplined vegan cook. He knows the tricks of the trade in producing interesting and delicious international vegen cuisine.
Of course, every dish I have tried there, using Artie's Tempeh, has been amazing. The family operated restaurant is located in a historical home in beautiful downtown Tallahassee FL.
Please stop by and meet Chef Ny, and of course, eat well to be well.
Located at 411 St Francis Street, Tallahassee FL

Satchels Pizza, Gainesville FL

Satchels Pizza, in Gaineaville FL, is a popular local establishment that proudly serves Artie's Tempeh as a delicious topping on their famous pies. The Tempeh is not only great tasting on pizza, but also makes every pizza it is used on, a more complete food.
If you think all pizza is created equally, you have not eaten at Satchels! The eclectic atmosphere and the localy produced organic foods used, such as Artie's Tempeh, sets Satchels apart from the competition.
When I visit, my favorite pizza is with feta cheese, spinach, roasted red bell peppers and of course Artie's Tempeh.
Be prepared to taste pure heaven.
Located at 1800 NE 23rd Ave, in Gainesville, FL

Turtle Island Market in Jacksonville Beach FL

Sammy and Ian, at Turtle Island Market, Atlantic Beach FL, have a long and creative history with traditional Tempeh dishes. Center of plate grilled Tempeh cutlets are popular here. Sauces include mint/ginger, orange/seseme, and a traditional teriyaki mushroom. Arties Tempeh Burgers are available in the frozen foods section of the market. Try Chef Sammy's ready to eat Tempeh from Turtle's kitchen, and relax, chat with the staff, and take in the friendly enviroment.
Don't forget to grab a pack of Arties Tempeh Burgers when you go home.
Turtle Island Market is located at 363 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach FL